I have been collecting Robertson's golly badges for almost 8 years, it all began when I was helping my Dad clear out his childhood toys & collectibles. Amongst the collectibles was a 1960s F & S Robertson’s golly bagpiper and I remember thinking how iconic and vintage this badge looked.

Since then it has been my passion to grow my collection and I've spent many years slowly unpicking these hidden gems but with almost 10 million badges produced from 1928 – 2001 there is still so much I need to tick of my checklist.

Due to the vast number of badges produced by Robertson’s my personal collection is inspired by the variations made in the 1960s, 1950s & Pre-War.

I developed "The Golly Official" website to make my positive mark on the hobby, to allow collectors to buy and sell golly memorabilia through The Golly Official's auction house and also allow golly collectors to create their very own online shops so they can buy and sell golly items from vendor stores. I hope these services I have developed provides a positive step forward for the hobby.